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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 3

On the third day of travel bits and bobs my true love gave to me…

3 of my favourite Instagram Bloggers!

Now Shout out to you three, I love your pictures and your posts and have followed you for a while! Therefore, I’ve decided to feature these 3 people in my 12 days of travel bits and bobs for really loving their feed and photos daily, so go give them a follow if you fancy their stuff too!



This account by the gentleman that is Kerem! He photographs what appears to be architecture and places worldwide/whilst he travels, with photos being colourful and beautiful I love scrolling through his feed, the photos are incredibly well shot and engrossing. It really shows every aspect of a place, it leaves you wanting more photos of the place/area!




This account is ran by a gent called Jesus who I actually have the privilege of knowing, with shots of London from every angle and all taken just from his iPhone! It gives you a really touristic feel of London but also makes you appreciate the little things London has to give and that no matter where you are! Of course he also photographs other places as well like recently Amsterdam and Brussels, his shots are wonderful and frequently posted as well!

unveil london



With the most amazing Travel Gallery I’ve probably see on Instagram from a traveller for a long while, I love this feed. The pictures are well photographed And you really get a grasp of all the different locations that the gent has been, its a fascinating new way to see all these different places and none of the photos have that artificial or staged feeling that a lot of accounts have these days, the photos are natural and wonderful.

tom wells

So these wonderful people all have Instagram accounts that I believe are worthy of a little mention because they are my personal favourite, and after all, Christmas and new years are all about sharing right?


so visit my Travel Blog Insta if you fancy!





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