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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 2

On the second day of travel bits and bobs my true love gave to me…

Two christmas desserts from around the world!

What are your favourite Christmas Desserts?

2 that are really tasty and come from two different countries that we eat also here in the UK are;

1. Buche De Noel, or as we know it, Yule Log!

Now to me, Yule Log is the fucking Christmas desserts of all Christmas desserts, Its absolutely the dog bollocks. Tastes amazing, especially if you love chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream and of course just cream generally for the inside filling! Now this masterpiece is originally from France, so shout out to all you french people out there, you the best.

2. A Pavlova!

A Pavlova is a sweet nectar over Christmas for all those wonderful people who don’t like the chocolate side or the Christmas pudding side, I mean to be honest who even eats Christmas Pudding? Gross (its okay I know plenty people do). Pavlova is Originated from New Zealand and Australia, Its meringue casing with a lot of cream of course as well, and endless amounts of cream and fruit in the middle! you will need a lot of sugar to make this bad boy but it tastes heavenly.

Now its said that the name for this dessert Pavlova, comes from the Russian Ballerina who visited England and New Zealand in the 1920’s, and that NZ and the UK have been arguing over where the origin of this food comes from. But then again, I’m not sure what I read on here these days is true or false, so we’ll just go with the fact that it tastes bloody lovely and my Nan makes the best (everyone’s Nan does).

What Christmas desserts did you enjoy?

(if you ate Christmas pudding don’t talk to me)

((I’m joking I have no friends))



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