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12 Days of Travel Bits and Bobs, Day 1

On the first day of travel bits and bobs my true love gave to me…

A one way ticket!

Now I know what you’re thinking, hold on Jessie, that doesn’t rhyme? I know, I’m not trying to make it rhyme, I’m not that talented. So just to let you know, this whole thing is not going to rhyme, please don’t expect it too! ALSO HAPPY NEW YEAR, I know I am late to the party with doing my blogmass from the 3rd of Jan to the 15th but hey nothing better than being fashionably late right? SO;

If someone gave you a one way ticket for anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I know where I’d go, Australia.

I know so many people are probably reading this rolling their eyes going, ‘of course she said Australia‘ and to be honest I don’t really care if that’s where everyone else wants to go. Last time I checked, I am my own person!

But Australia would be my choice. The wonderful hot weather, the country is so huge that there’s endless exploring to do, from working on the farms to looking at all the beaches. THE SURF as well, that is something that I’d want to do, although I’m not incredibly good yet, to be able to learn and better my surf skills would be madness and especially to be able to say I’ve done it in Aus!

I also have a lot of family who are in Aus at the moment, friends who are travelling and also friends who are working out there too! Its just absolute lifestyle envy! If there is one thing that people living in and staying in and travelling in Aus have told me is that the quality of life is so much better, now I understand that I can’t possibly know what it is like as I have never been before, but it even appears that way!

The beaches are something I can’t wait too tour around, surfing and sunbathing, I am at home by the sea and that’s where I feel the most comfortable so I can’t imagine how wonderful it will be once I’m truly out there with the hot weather and actually decent swell! Another wonderful thing I cant wait too see is the National Parks and the more inland areas, the areas where not many people venture! But I also can’t wait especially to catch up with family out there, that will be like a dream come true.

Of course I know there are plenty of things that are not so good, like the poisonous animals and all the sharks swimming about, I’m sure there’s some scary shitty weather as well! But that is what adds the character of the place, I can’ wait, its on my Bucket List.

Not my picture, of course, I have yet to have the privilege to take such a photo, so here’s one from google! (haha!)

The pictures, the daily activities, going day to day life in Aus generally seems awesome, One day I will visit for a very very very long time and I already can’t wait!

So yes, If my true love really did give me a one way ticket, Australia would be where it is at!


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