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Feeling Festive: The Lincoln Christmas Market

I know there are plenty of Christmas markets all over the world, and here in the UK, But I wanted to focus on Lincoln in-particular because of how much of a close hold it has on my heart and my whole life so far.

Lincoln is a very small city in the midlands, for those who have never been there is not much there other than the university, cathedral and the castle, and that’s from someone who has lived there for the past couple of years.

A small example of only some of Steep Hill!

The Lincoln Christmas market is held up the ever so horrible Steep Hill, which won a street award in 2012. Probably for being so incredibly difficult to walk up without stopping. If I could explain the walk up this hill just to get to the market itself I feel you really wont appreciate it unless you do it, but it is totally worth it once you reach the top. At the top of Steep Hill is the the castle, cathedral, cobbled streets and the market itself!

The market is situated inside the castle walls, well the start is anyway, the whole market loops around the inside and outside of the castle walls back around to the cathedral. Its absolutely full of stalls inside and outside the castle ranging from candle stalls, Christmas decorations and lights of all kinds. But, of course nothing beats the warmth of a mulled wine in your hands whilst you traipse around in the minus temperatures. It’s cold in Lincoln, trust me, but its wonderfully worth it.

Meanwhile there is Christmas music all around and as you’re leaving the inside of the castle walls the smell of bratwurst and other German sausages will definitely fill your nose, not only are there plenty of other food stalls inside the walls but as you head a little further round and out of the castle walls it will loop around to more stalls and food and music. Can Confirm, the Bratwurst hod dog is wonderful. But it gets a little more comical with the funnier side of stalls being that little bit further outside the walls too which is always fun!

15319022_10207438689637269_3326835175128657635_nI think one of the best things about the Lincoln Christmas market is that its not very big. I mean sure a large Christmas market is just as wonderful, but I feel that is what makes the market in Lincs a little more personalised. You have all the traditional Lincoln fresh food and produce also being sold as well, fresh fudge with all different flavours and so much more, the general atmosphere of the market is always pure joy and happiness. I have had the best time my past visits, with my last visit being with my family which really was good fun.

Once you’ve had enough of food and drink and you head a little bit further around the walls you reach the fun fair. What is not great about the fun fair. of course this is where the bars start to appear, with one of them being inside a double-decker bus! There is of course a Merry-Go-Round and noting beats a traditional ride like that, another couple of rides for the little ones and of course, my personal favourite, the Ferris Wheel. 15327288_10207438687797223_2625191348163833369_n

The Ferris Wheel is your typical run of the mill ride. But I love it because not only does each individual carriage spin and you’re in control so making people dizzy is what I’m good at, but as you reach the top you can see over the castle walls overlooking the market inside the castle, and beyond the other side of the castle where you can see lights for miles as you overlook Lincoln! It may be cold as hell but not only that but you can see the cathedral as well, its really something lovely for only a couple of pounds!

Once you’re done with the rides, that’s pretty much done, just the last final touch is of course before heading back down the hill, heading over to the cathedral to enjoy it in all its late night glory and the pretty tree that they have in front of it, nothing says christmas spirit quite like it.

I am absolutely gutted to be missing the market in all its glory this year due to being on placement in London, especially because Lincoln is due to have so much snow they’ve had to cancel the final day of the market?! (10cm?? England u ok? madness, to be fair, I have just come inside from making a snowman, so miracles do happen) but trust me, next year I will be back with vengeance!

Lincoln, I miss you dearly x


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