South Africa – Staying On Kruger National Park, A Lion to greet us & Grim spiders.

Aloha, I should first address the fact I haven’t posted in two months, Starting full time work was a rather large jump and its clear I wasn’t used to it! Starting placement means I now have next to no free time so I will try and update you guys as often as I can, Im gonna do a post specifically talking about life at some point, I will not allow myself to leave you all yet again for 2 months, promise! So anyway lets get straight into it;



After the hellish journey too Johannesburg from the UK we arrived in the evening and stayed in the Hilton at the airport. We were to be driving 5 hours to the Kruger national park the next day. Next morning we got up, rented our car and set off! We were in two cars and the drive to the safari national park was long. I read a lot of my book, was nosey when we travelled through small towns, we saw a thunderstorm over the mountains, drove past an entire field they had set on fire, and saw some occasionally cool sights and waterfalls throughout.

Finally we arrived at Indlovu Lodge, on Kruger national safari park. Its huge, obviously. The compound itself was made up of just over 5-6 cabins all close together and our villa was lovely. There driveway to the lodges was pretty long, but that didn’t stop a lion from greeting us as we were on our way up. We weren’t even on the safari vehicles yet and there was already this Lion so close! 1 Out of the Big 5 down already! Of course I’m there trying to take photos whilst my sister is in the back screaming “NO” with real tears.

The villa was lovely, we had a pool and a balcony area which overlooked a river on the game reserve, so we regularly saw animals having a drink! We also had a little BBQ area where we all sat and had dinner a few times. We also had a large kitchen and dining area large enough for all of us and a lovely lady who cooked for us most nights!


There were a few bedrooms as there was 9 of us so we were all very cosy. My room was in the roof with my sister, the roof was thatched so it was always really cool and to top that because it is watched we could hear the lions roaring together one night.

We had a trampoline in the back garden which we were only allowed to use in the day due to the fact that at night there were scorpions that lived underneath it and the spiders in the tree’s above it! we came across lots o’ creepy crawly’s whilst we were there and the 5spiders were some of the WORST. The size of the spiders was anything to make you wince and they were all incredibly large and colourful, it was grim. They made their webs between the trunks of tree’s so it was easy to walk through webs, made me skin crawl all the time. There was a huge spider on the buzzer by the entrance to the lodge when we arrived and that was enough to put me off from the start.

The only real downside was that the floor of the pool was like sandpaper so if you so much as scratched any of your body on those walls you can just kiss goodbye to your skin completely. It was painful and I came away with scars!


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