Why Tourism?

This is a little bit more of an insight in to my life and why I chose to do tourism!

I’ve always travelled, since I can remember I have travelled with my family all over the world and for that I am very grateful and lucky. My favourite trips were the yearly trips we’d take to the villa in Spain, but the older my sister and I got the further afield we would go abroad, places like Disneyworld Florida, South Africa and going on Safari, Riding camels in Egypt, we have been incredibly lucky to have been taken to so many places and seen so much and more.


So, Why Travel & Tourism?

My family are in the travel and tourism industry, but that didn’t influence me. I mean I guess in a way being able to travel because of them It was slightly their influence. It was the going abroad that did it for me.

89I was in Miami, I was loving life, I won’t even sugar coat it, It was hot and we were staying in a beautiful hotel on Miami South Beach, it was an experience and a half. I just remember thinking I wanna do this. Travel and see different places, Experience different atmospheres and locations and culture, For work and for play! I’ve always said I’ve wanted to do what I love in terms of work, and to incorporate the love for travel and discovery with work would be a dream.

I was originally going to do Journalism at university. It wasn’t until I was halfway through an article and struggling to find the words to write I realised I really wasn’t cut out for that industry. I decided to go into tourism, a last minute decision, I had to change my personal statement and uni choice and if you’ve done it you know its a lot of effort, screw you UCAS.Β 

I saw Lincoln University last, and it ended up being my first choice, which to this day I still believe was the best choice I have ever made! I decided to study International Tourism Management, and what a wonderful course it is, I enjoy all my modules and have learnt so much and got such an amazing insight to all the wonderful factors of travel and hospitality. Modules went from anything to advertising and marketing to tour operations and looking into the experience economy of the tourism world.

I’m technically starting in the industry next year where I will be working for Hilton on placement, just that is excitement and Its scary to be going into the tourism world technically professionally! Β It’s all very exciting in life at the moment, adulating is going to be scary!

I just love learning about all the different cultures, all the different types of tourism. My favourite being Dark Tourism, which consists of interesting topics like the Holocaust Β and many more morbid tourist attractions. Its fascinating to see how much mass tourism can ruin a location, how it can make a location so much better but lose it cultural heritage, The list of things I’ve come across and been madly into is endless. University has benefited me massively.

I want to be able to have that opportunity to travel abroad ad experience different places for work and enjoy myself all at the same time.

I try to travel as much as I can at the moment, It’s just difficult being a broke university student. I went to Dublin last summer with my wonderful friends as a group holiday which was great as I’d never seen Dublin before, and my boyfriend and I headed to Amsterdam in January 2017, So I’ve been trying to at least go somewhere, but it will be a little more difficult for the next year because of my placement!

I also love to fly, when I travel I love the airport as well. The buzz of how busy the airport is and how many people from all over the world are just coming and going, its such a cool place, I always feel really chilled and excited before a flight, especially because its like “Thank god I’m getting away from the UK for a while!”.

Plane selfies!

But my plans for the future are looking good in terms of travel, I have every intention of travelling around the world once university and a year in the industry is done! Im also excited to start my placement with Hilton, to prepare me for the real world after university!

Its really handy doing a course that I love, its something that motivates me to do well and work hard and go to my lectures, I won’t lie and say it isn’t stressful because it is.

It’s deadline season at the moment and I’ve only just finished drowning in all my work. I’m excited for all the naps.

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